United to End Cancer


MD Anderson and the Moon Shots Program

Making Cancer History®

New knowledge and progress-enabling technologies make this the time to reduce cancer deaths. MD Anderson’s comprehensive Moon Shots Program capitalizes on these novel resources as it builds on a 70-plus-year history of renowned expertise, lifesaving innovation and global impact.

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Research Engines:
Driving Progress

Expertise, advanced systems and other essential infrastructure propel research and accelerate progress at MD Anderson. For example, we’re integrating massive data and artificial intelligence to better serve patients and export advances worldwide. And our novel, in-house drug pipeline unites the best practices of industry and academia to develop more effective treatments. Through such efforts, MD Anderson brings us closer to a world without cancer.

Our research draws on the collective knowledge of hundreds of experts across MD Anderson, the nation and the world. Through our MD Anderson Cancer Network and the largest global network of centers united against cancer, we share what we learn to help patients everywhere.

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About Cancer

By 2030, annual cancer deaths are projected to rise to 13 million worldwide. That’s up from 8.2 million in 2012. Now is the time to make rapid and substantial progress against this terrible disease — and we need your help.

Melanoma, Stories of Hope

During a routine skin exam in 2008, a dermatologist spotted a scab on Cheri Huber’s shin. “I don’t really remember when it first showed up,” Cheri says. “I just assumed I cut myself shaving and kept irritating it.” Two weeks later, she was diagnosed with melanoma.

Stories of Hope
Research Update

MD Anderson often teams up with leading industry partners to develop new cancer therapies. Recent examples expand on the pioneering work of MD Anderson experts in the field of cancer immunology.