Progress Update
About Melanoma

The melanoma effort’s first major accomplishment came in prevention. Surgeons, scientists, oncologists, behavioral scientists and governmental relations experts worked together to achieve a state ban on tanning bed use by minors in Texas, which took effect September 2013.

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About Melanoma

Focused on patients

MD Anderson is home to one of the largest melanoma and skin cancer clinics in the world. This has led to a nearly unrivaled level of expertise. Learn more about how MD Anderson’s Melanoma Moon Shot is Making Cancer History®.

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Research Update
Melanoma Moon Shot leaders; Melanoma research projects; (left to right): Michael Davies, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor, Melanoma Medical Oncology; Jeffrey E. Gershenwald, M.D., Professor, Surgical Oncology

MD Anderson’s multidisciplinary team of experts translates discoveries made in the laboratory to new hope for patients in the clinic.

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MD Anderson and the Moon Shots Program
Making Cancer History®

New knowledge and progress-enabling technologies make this the time to reduce cancer deaths. MD Anderson's comprehensive Moon Shots Program capitalizes on these novel resources as it builds on a 70-plus-year history of renowned expertise, lifesaving innovation and global impact.

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Melanoma, Research Update

The Melanoma Moon Shot is developing a coordinated campaign of behavioral interventions targeted to individuals, families, schools, clinics, worksites and communities to reduce melanoma incidence long-term.

Melanoma, Research Update

MD Anderson scientists say tanning beds are dangerous for children and adolescents. Texas legislators listened.

Read about Melanoma Moon Shot’s latest efforts to highlight the dangers of indoor tanning and its impact on teenagers.

Melanoma Moon Shot; Dr. Jeffrey E. Gershenwald with a patient
Melanoma, Stories of Hope

Melanoma struck early for Marit Peterson. She was born with the disease. Watch her story.